My Three Cubs!

My Three Cubs!
When we found out I was Pregnant Dustin asked if we could name our child after the Chicago Cubs. I laughed! When Gracie was born Mark Grace was so fitting for her. Beautiful Gracie. Not to mention the night she was born Mark Grace had one heck of a ball game. 2 Years later we had our Son. I struggled on what to name him. Randy said use a "D" name,” D-Hall just like his Dad". Tommy suggested the name Dawson. I loved the name Dawson immediately! Dawson-Andre Dawson that is. 2 years went by and we had another baby girl. I was having a name dilema because I didn't want to be restricted to a baseball roster. I loved the name Marlie and Ryan, Dustin suggested Ryne Sandburg! And there you have it Marlie Ryne Hall. Our Three Cubs!

I hope as soon as I get this first Blog posted I wont be so overwhelemed with creating a Blog...I hope! A few months ago I was at my Sweet friend Angi Pettersons house. She shared some of her Mom's diary with me. It really moved me! I have not stoped thinking about how neat it was that her Mother took the time to keep a journal. So, for my kids and my family this is my way to journal for you.

Marlies First Official Haircut.

January 2009
Today was Marlie's first official haircut. I asked her if we should get a good trim and she was all about it. I've had to wait this long because when she got her tubes in her ears a couple years ago it ruined her. She has been afraid of simple things like getting a haircut. She wouldn't even let me take her to get her picture taken. She was so afraid.

Anyway, It was really wet and Snowy outside so all the kids put on their boots and off we went.

Gracie and Dawson were so funny, they started reading magazines and showing each other funny pictures they were finding. Gracie was reading a Nick Jr Mag, and Daws was reading ESPN.

Here is the Princess getting her hair done.
She did really good and held really still.
Ta Da...Doesn't she look so cute!

The back is all chopped off and it looks so cute on her little round face.

(She is wearing a Cleopatra dress up dress ) AFTER...

Valentines Day!

Valentines Day was so awesome this year. The kids worked hard on their valentines for their school class friends.

We babysat baby Ryan on Friday and she made valentines with the kids. Marlie adores her.

They also made SPECIAL Valentines for Grandma Glenda and Grandma Connie and Grandpa Jeff.

Marlie put on a shower cap at some point of the morning and wore it around for a hours.

Gracie made an adorable Valentine MAILBOX with a lid that opens up. She got to take it to school for her Valentine Party.
Little Miss Marlie was all in Pink for Pre-School. This outfit was mine when I was her age. My Mom found a box of clothes that were mine when I was little...Isn't she a cute little Valentine!

Dawson was so excited to look at all of his Valentines after school, he dumped his whole bag out.

Saturday Morning we had a Valentine Breakfast with Heart Shaped Pancakes. We had place cards so the kids would know where to put all their special Valentine cards. (We all had cards for each other and Grandma Connie helped the kids make Special Valentines for Me and Dustin) I bought some decorations and decorated the table the night before so when the kids woke up they would be excited.
Balloons, Chocolate covered Strawberries and Roses! How happy is that?

Dawson had a Basketball game. Go Dawson!

Dustin is Dawson's coach.
Marlie, Brooklyn, Breanna and Gracie like to play during the game. They color, dance run around...

After the Basketball game all the kids climb the Rock Wall. They each climb over and over...

Even little Mars likes to climb!

We went to Hires for Dinner and got Heart shaped pizzas for dinner. We took it to Grandma Glenda's house to surprise her for Valentines.

When we got home Grandma Connie and Grandpa came to bring the kids their Valentines!

Marlie was first to give Grandpa the Valentine she made for him. She put these stickers of Valentine boxers on Grandpas Valentine, she told me to write "Grandpa are these your under ware? Marlie and my Dad have a special funny bond. They tease each other like crazy...Their other favorite joke is "Look up, Look Down, Look at my thumb....gee your dumb. They both laugh every single time!
Dawson gave his Valentine to Grandma.

Gracie and Marlie giving Loves to grandpa.
More Valentine Hugs!

My Mom has made each of the kids their very own scrap books. She gave them each their scrap books for Valentines...The kids look at them all the time. They look at pictures and then want me to tell them a story about what was happening in the picture.

Grandma told Marlie it was time to go...Marlie didn't want Grandma to be cold.

Cupcake Machine...Not so good!

Marlie and I tried out the Cupcake Machine today. She was so excited, I was a bit excited too.

After reading, Re-reading the directions...trying the machine 3 times, I decided it is one of the crappiest toys this Christmas!

We had fun together but it didn't make cupcakes like the commercials.


We decided to take the kids and go to the U of U Gymnastics Meet. (The cold weather is killing me!) The kids thought it was fun! Dustin bought seats close to the floor event which is my favorite.


Dawson gives Kim Baskett a perfect 10!

All the kids were dancing to the Y-M-C-A!

Marlie and her go Utes fingers.

The Utes were awesome. they took first in the Meet!